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CURATION - 6 Facts About Content Curation and SEO You May Not Know

CURATION - 6 Facts About Content Curation and SEO You May Not Know | SEO 101 for Marketers |
If you struggle with providing a steady stream of fresh, relevant content for your website, you’re not alone. Perhaps one of the best ways to overcome this challenge, while also increasing the value you provide to your audience, is through the process of editorialized content curation.

But while we know that this process (when done right) is beneficial in terms of driving traffic, extending reach and providing interesting and valuable content, what does Google think about content curation? Continue reading →
Peg Corwin's insight:

6 SEO-related Facts about Curated Content

- "Curated content that is combined with original content can rank just as well as original content alone
- Publishing curated content can result in inbound links to your site
- The quality of the sites to which you link is extremely important for SEO
- Link hoarding’ will damage your relationship with other marketers and with Google
- Content curation increases your ‘freshness factor’ while requiring LESS work
- Curated content gets you ranking for both long and short-tail keywords"
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